Concrete Shadow

Place: Wolfgang-Borchert-Stra├če 19, Halle (Saale), Germany
Date: 06/2017
Material: Emulsion paints, Concrete block made out of styropor & mortar
Partner: Bzu

I was always fascinated by the socialist cement elements that were placed on walls to create different looks of walls, depending of the sun position. The shadows that the cement elements throw are wonderful structures.
Together with Bzu I painted a mural in the socialist planend city Halle-Neustadt that plays with that structures. We found a plasterer that helped us to put a real and heavy cement stone on the wall. Depending of the sun position the stone is visible or vanishes in the structure of our painting. Especially the old neighbors liked that idea and told us how they always liked the cement elements.

As part of ha:neo. A project by Freiraumgalerie for the city of Halle in the federal competition zukunftsstadt 2050.

our plasterer named „Stukki“

Barbeque with the neighbors