Aufbruch / វិវត្តន៍

Place: Embassy of Germany, Cambodia
Curator: K-Bach Gallery
Date: 11/2019
Material: Metal colors
Partner: Soben Hour

In november 2019 I was invited to be an artist in residence for K-Bach Arts in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I painted the gate of the German Embassy together with the young cambodian artist Soben Hour. It was quite a challenge to do a sketch that had to be done in basically one day with somebody i didn’t know, using metalcolour, fighting the rest of the raining season and especially getting used to the noise and pollution right next to the spot.

9 fields from top to down and 11 fields from left to right on each side of the gate represent the unification of Germany and the independence day of Cambodia that both took place on a 9th of november. The words Aufbruch / វិវត្តន៍ can be used as symbole of breaking up something but also going into a positiv future.

There is not much modern public art in Phnom Penh. So we were pretty happy to see the positive reactions of local people and officials.