Sbek thom

Place: Factory, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Curator: K-Bach Gallery
Date: 02/2019
Material: Emulsion & spray paints

After five years of civil war and over 100.000 deaths through US miltary bombing many cambodian people cheered at the winning Red Khmer entering the capital Phnom Penh. But very soon the joy turned into absolute horror. From 1975-1979 the regime lead by Pol Pot killed over 2 million people in order to create a „new society“. Besides murder also all free artforms where abolished. But you can not kill creativity. The art of shadowtheater had a comeback after the regime was defeated and is performed to tell stories about history,  love and fairytales.
I am very grateful that I was invited by K-Bach Gallery to paint a wall that is related to that form of theater, after visiting a puppet show in Phnom Penh. The gallery not only invites forgein artists, but mainly supports cambodian artists.