Wonderful Women Wall

Place: Wörmlitzer Straße 21, Halle (Saale), Germany
Project idea and lead: Ina Treihse
Date: 08/2019
Material: Emulsion paints and spray paint


The aim of the mural is to make different stories, life plans and social contributions of women visible and thus to encourage everyone to deal with their biographies and their ideas and to give them more appreciation than is often the case in the past. The wall – as a medium in public space – offers the opportunity to question one’s own image of women, to discover more positive examples from different areas of society and to get to know female personalities who can be role models beyond fashion, cosmetics and lifestyle.

Alexandra David-Néel
Tove Jansson
Hannah Arendt
Vandana Shiva
Aretha Franklin

Lili Elbe
Video & Photos by Stephan Retzlaff