Wonderful Women Wall 2

Place: Main Trainstation, Halle (Saale), Germany
Date: 10/2020
Material: Emulsion paints
Partner: Ina Treihse, Hanna Müller-Kaempffer, Philipp Eichhorn
Assistance: Marie Bittner, Sensoe

With regard to the already existing portraits of historical men at the Riebeckplatz Halle (Saale), the Freiraumgalerie dedicates this artwork to 14 special women* who have lived and worked in and around Halle (Saale) or who are currently making important contributions to the cultural diversity of the city. For each column, a main color and an abstract form were developed for each woman, embodying her personality and her work. The neighboring columns pick up on the main colors and continue them to form a coherent and dynamic work of art, in which each column stands on its own in appreciation of the individual person. The ensemble design can be viewed from all the different angles that arise in the tunnel. To make this otherwise rather dark space appear brighter, we chose vivid and clear colors.